Emploee Record Management Software Only Rs:4,999/- 

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- Employee Management Software Keep Staff Information Easily 
Staff Files is designed to make employee record keeping simple. With our software, all the information you need is in a centralized location, which makes it easy to quickly locate the records you need. Manage staff records the easy way

- Software That Store Employee Information 
Whether you’re a small organization with one office manager responsible for employee record keeping, or a larger organization with a dedicated human resources department, Staff Files can meet your needs. Because each business is different, Staff Files adapts to the needs of your organization, providing a valuable solution at an affordable price.

 - Benifits Of Employee Management Software

          - Takes up less physical space and saves paper
          Protect personnel files with built-in security system
          Back-up data for emergency situations, such as computer failure or fire 
          Organize employee records better
          See at-a-glance employees’ history with your company 
          Customize information for your company with flexible user-defined fields 
          Implementing and learning Staff Files is simple and quick 
          Saves time

 - Software Features 


Total Cost For Software
 Only Rs:4,999/-